Expanding soy production has led to significant deforestation and habitat conversion, particularly in South America, the biggest soy producing region after the USA. 

In 2021, Iceland became a signatory to the UK Soy Manifesto. This is an industry commitment to ensure that all soy and embedded soy products in the UK are deforestation- and conversion-free. Iceland has agreed to:

  • Set a deforestation and conversion-free commitment
  • Ask direct suppliers to adopt and cascade the same commitment
  • Integrate manifesto commitments with direct suppliers’ commercial contractual agreements, and support compliance
  • Publicly disclose progress
  • Encourage harmonised monitoring, verification and reporting.

Our soy footprint

During the financial year 2022/23 Iceland products used 65,662 tonnes of soy, compared with 69,621 tonnes in 2021/22.