High standards

Our benchmarking teams regularly assess products according to a range of criteria to ensure that our high standards are being maintained.

All Iceland own label products are sourced from approved suppliers at approved sites. All our suppliers must be certified to the British Retail Consortium (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety; they are regularly audited by independent inspectors against this standard and required to achieve Grade AA, A or B. Since January 2016 this BRC audit has been unannounced. Sites are also approved by our team of product technologists, who have a passionate concern for food quality and safety.

Additionally, Iceland has a set of supplier technical policies with which all our own label suppliers must comply.

We have built close, long term relationships with a range of specialist supplier partners who work with us at the cutting edge of new product development.

Our own technologists supervise the first production run of any new product; our quality assurance team also check products against our specification when they are delivered to our depots and undertake assessments of their performance in our own Iceland Kitchen.